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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Beyond the genre Thriller called sub-genres.

Normally before watching a film we tend to think about what genre the film would fall under, as there are different types of genres that we most preferable would like to see. Thriller is just one of the possible 29 other genres in the film industry and still divides itself into even more detailed genres call sub-genres. Thriller divides itself into approximately 13 sub-genres, some which share specific elements with others.

- Murderous Passion.

You've gotta love the murderous passions. Its evil but you know you love the evilness behind it all. Its a perfect thriller! Murderous passions basically means 'the love for killing,' obviously the killer is a bit of a nutter but come on people, he has a side to the story too! So dont go feeling sorry for dead guys, they shouldn't of pissed em off in the first place. Unless...the guy really is a nutter. Like sick in the head...which makes the film more AWESOME! Yes, 'The Stepfather,' Dylan Walsh probably IS insane in this film, but he's brilliant! Synopsis: basically builds a family and kills them. OH! Like Jenga. Build up a tower then destroy it really ahhh, classic game :')

- Technology out of Control.

'iRobot' starring Will Smith. Robots are well behave at first, 
then become rebels - 'out of control' later on. 

- Political.
A political thriller genre would be based upon the government most usually involving the CIA, FBI, spies (normally being the good guys) and one very important person...[Drum Roll]...theeeeeee President! ("Waheyyyy") Political thriller movies would normally consist on the corruption of the government, third world parties, the demand on resources ect. This wouldn't really be THE film for teenagers (unless the political thriller was about Clegg and Cameron getting their asses kicked by Van Diesel, then thats an exception...) mmmmm Van Diesel, yummy *nomnomnom* 
These situations put the country at stake, economically, Films like 'Enemy of the State' would come under this sub genre. The film involving police and guns would make the film fall under action thriller as well - starring Denzil Washington (the good guy). There is nearly always action in a political thriller (a good political thriller anyway) it either makes a film more exciting and widens the audience's age range or violence 'does solve something'. 

- Action.

Aimes for the men with all the kick ass stuff but then again women wouldn't mind seeing the male characters fight..with their shirts off of course. And vice versa, a male being would kill to see Megan Fox kick a load of ass!
I personally like action thrillers, no not because of Megan Fox, she needs to learn how to act first. Action is upbeat and mostly face pace, a lot happens in an action film and it keeps the heart pumping! 

- Acquired identity.
Acquired identity would involve stealing the identity of others, the victims of identity fraud would usually be murdered for it. For this type of acquired identity the government would be the good guys whereas the fraud would be bad. It is rare in this type of sub genre for the good and bad guys role t be swapped around. A rare and outstanding film like 'The Island' would be a great example for where the government are made the baddies, this acquired identity would be about cloning. In the film, the island is a place where people from the city are cloned to have another one of themselves living on this island. The clones have no idea that they are only used whenever something happens to the original copy, something like a failed organ, the clone would be that organ donor. Being tricked into thinking they are the next 'chosen one' the clones are sent to the real world to actually be killed.

- Alien Threat.

E.T? Nahh I think he came in peace. Films like Independence day starring the gorgeous Will Smith. Basically the humans get owned! aliens. How embarrassing!

- Innocent on the run.
Films like SALT would be an exceptional example for this sub genre. The genre's title is pretty much self explanatory, a person (most likely being the protagonist) is running away from a crime they did not commit, the film would most commonly end with the character claiming justice - having prove them self innocent. Angelina Jolie, successfully playing the role as an agent, is accused of being a russian spy, she is then chased after by her people (FBI and the CIA) but Jolie changes her identity and runs from them.

- The beast as threat.

For some reason 'Beauty and the Beast' comes into mind, but that isnt right. The beast is a good guy, he doesn't blackmail Belle...well actually he does. Anyway heres a GREAT example, Van Helsing. Starring the lovely lovely Hugh Jackman and gorgeous Kate Beckinsale. The beast or beasts shall i say as threat would be the vampires and werewolves.

- Good vs Evil

I'd like to see evil win one day. But apparently it wouldn't be a happy ending. 
This sub-genre would mostly contain action and violence. 

- Psychological.

Psychological is very common in thrillers. The sub-genre that consists on warming the minds of the audiences which usually builds up tension to create suspense, making a very good thriller. Psychological thriller is usually based around science and so interacts with an audience mentally. Because of this, the audience feels more involved in the film, which makes it work overall. This sub genre could include puzzles and riddles.
An excellent example and one of my favourite films, (which you should all agree on) is Inception. A film about reality in juxtaposition with dreams. What i love about this film is that it constantly keeps the brain active and doesn't drag on like most - low rated films. Hence why they get 1 star and Inception gets 5!!!


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