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Friday, 21 January 2011

Introduction to Cameras

We were first introduced to the camera equipment on the 13th of January, where we were taught the basics such as: turning the camera on, changing the battery and memory cards, focusing the lens, and using other parts of the interface. In this lesson our group was given the task of filming a game of cards in a thrilling way. We briefly brainstormed in the form of a storyboard, and the next day we put our ideas into action. Before filming we were informed about the safety rules while using the camera equipment. Luckily for our first practice film, we did not have to worry about these rules too much as we filmed entirely in a single room in the college.

Do not...
- Film in any dangerous locations
- Commit any felonies while filming (for example trespassing)
- Let the equipment be exposed to water (as this will cause damage).

During filming we learnt the importance of pre-production i.e. planning and storyboarding. Our storyboard wasn't very thorough, and we hadn't decided on what shots to film beyond the beginning. Since we had an idea of how we wanted the film to start (straight into the 'action' of the card game) we filmed those shots and then had to improvise a little. Despite the slight lack of planning, we managed to include three out of the four required shots (ECU, POV and OTS shots) from the brief.

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