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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Inspirations for our thriller - The Stepfather (Sound & Effects)

The stepfather also approached us in an inspirational way, I particularly liked how the discrete opening eventually led to unravelling a big secret where the title sequence ends, leaving the audience in suspense. In the beginning of the title sequence it seems as if the man is having a normal morning, one that he has everyday, however gradually, camera shots of props hint out that he actually killed his family. 
The shots that were most inspring were the bird's eye view of the neatly aligned beauty appliances and toiletries like the electric shaver and cutting scissors. The neatness is very OCD like, which can be quite disturbing at times - normally overly perfected things can seem a bit odd (to some people). We may interpret this into our film, neatly aligning the stationary onto the work desk.
What i also like is the type of song playing in the background, we gather information straight away that it is Christmas at the time, it is very effective to use such sweet peace making music in a scene which also shows camera shots of his dead family, murder weapons and even a flash back of an innocence girl screaming right before he kills her. This is dramatically contrasted with the music which is what i would love to interpret into our thriller. As the character in our thriller is a quiet neat freak school girl we'll have this contrasted with her listening to heavy metal rock which will instantly take away her innocence once heard.
I would also love to add a flash back scene of Lili (the victim) having a laugh with her friends to show that on her surface she is a happy popular person. 

The contrast between the neatly aligned beauty tools with the dumped murder tools in the sink is VERY effective! I love it!!!

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