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Friday, 25 February 2011

Our thriller - Sound

At home, i began searching for music that fitted as a good soundtrack for our thriller. I was looking for something slow pace and sinister yet still quite calming...but then gets a bit disturbing after listening to it for a long time. (I demanded for a lot there, but i actually found a PERFECT song!)...i just uploaded an instrumental version :)

Nine Inch Nails - Something i can never have (instrumental)

I love the contemporary-ness to this song, having just a piano playing is very calming but the rhythm to it gets quite disturbing after a while, the song is emotional as if someone has just died...Lovely! 

There was also an alternative:

Black Dying Rose - Bless the Fall

Now this song was pretty something o_0 ...screamo.
What was great about this song was that it started off contemporary like 'Nine Inch Nails,' it is slow and creates that depressing atmosphere. The calming sound of the piano playing is broken by a laugh followed by SCREAMO (words being shouted out not sung) 
Having heavy metal rock/screamo contrasts against the innocent look our character has, showing her split personality of what she is like at home, isolated.

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