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Friday, 25 March 2011

Editing our thriller

In todays lesson Me (wala), Nick and Charlene were editing the final parts to our thriller. We added the titles using live type and we're still working on adding sound. we used the CANDI ident and added it onto our thriller as we're not allowed to use any other due to copyright reasons. We were told that our titles must be inside the green box otherwise it'll get cut off when its been shown on a screen.
we got a few screengrabs on what we've decided to make our titles look like ....or what mistakes we made that we then adjusted.

Editing in Progress

We thought about this style of writing for our title
however it looked like too much of a horror film and our aim
wasnt to make it look like a horror as its a THRILLER! we
decide to go with Nicks original plan of having the serif font.

This one went wrong so we had to adjust it
so it doesnt go over the frame
Correct one :)

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