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Friday, 25 March 2011

The effect we want it to have

Before we started filming and editing .....or did anything practical towards our final a group we talked about some of the effects that we'd want our thriller to have on the audience. As we knew what we want our thriller to be about and we had a clear image of all the things that could take place.....we didn't want to give away too much as we'll be squashing a lot of info in the space of 2mins. Instead we wanted them to feel SUSPENSE! and the build up of something happening....right from the beginning we thought of the GREAT mood board.....this is what we want to use to create that tension and the dim lighting goes well with it.  The digetic sound that we have been planning to use ; the tapping of the keyboard.....creates some sort of mysterious feeling......We also didn't want them to know too little as they'll have no interest in our thriller and perhaps it'll be confusing in they knew too little its better if you have a fair proportion of the kind of info you give them . Better to be in the middle I think......we'll just have to wait and see how the audience in the cinema react! cant wait! :)

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