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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

EVALUATION - Question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?
Compared to typical thrillers such as The Stepfather, ours is unconventional in the fact that the antagonist is female – usually we see men taking the 'stalker' role, for example in the psychological thriller Sleeping with the Enemy (1991). However, there are quite a few thrillers that have gone against 'the norm' of having crazy male psychopaths, such as Single White Female (1992). We represent the main character of Facade as a disturbed schoolgirl through the various images on her bedroom wall, and never show her face in the opening, creating a sense of mystery and unease. Despite her troubled persona, she is otherwise depicted as a normal teenager through her study books on her desk and the use of the social network Facebook. Her use of the internet to 'stalk' her victim is pretty unconventional – but believable – as thrillers of this nature usually depict 'real-life' stalking.  Finally, the female secondary character, though only shown through her profile photo, plays into the typical naive 'victim' role as we can assume that she is completely unaware of the antagonist's true identity and motives.

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