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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation - Question 6- Audience Feedback

We asked some of our class mates to write a basic review on what they thought about our thriller opening ....Above are a few of the words that came up....Things they liked and things that they wanted us to add on. The Word that came up the most was SOUND.....quite weird actually as we didn't expect this, If anything I thought it was our Mise en scene that was the Best. We didn't spend ages on making the sound track as we focused on the kind of shots we were taking the most. Also alot of people commented on how they liked the way we edited the 'Flickering' kind of light into our thriller. The lighting was commented on a lot aswell as it added onto the tension. The sound of the typing keyboard was liked a lot by our class mates.....I liked this a lot aswell

Here are Some of the written responses:

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