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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Fonts for our Thriller: the chosen one

Eventually we all agreed on this font below:

The reason why we picked this type of font was because it was simple. Sometime simple is more! And for this situation the statement it right. The font is very simple, just plain, but black and bold! Evenly spaced out and most letters have a serif to give it that edge that individuality from the other letters. What I also find interesting is the size between the 'F' and the rest of the letters. It created dominance over the other letters and definitely stands out more I also like the stem of the 'D' how it grows out of the font frame, this also differs in size compare to the other five letters. 

This font was simply placed in the centre of our thriller, in white over a black backdrop (its opposite colour) The opposite colours create a dramatic contrast and the font can be seen very clearly! 

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