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Friday, 1 April 2011

Evaluation- Question 1- In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our thriller is conventional in a way that the main character whose the bad one, isnt seen....only the side of her face is seen....this keeps a sense of mystery and viewers try hard to guess who it is. Our thriller can also be said not to be conventional and not the typical thriller film as we've got a female stalker instead of a male stalker. This makes the audience unaware of the situation as the our female stalker has a males picture on her Facebook profile and she stalks another girl , so it looks as if she the girl and shes been stalked by the male.

Dexter, which is another thriller uses some of the same conventions that we use all the close ups and the side view that we use are similar to Dexter's. This could tell us that our film uses alot of the conventions that a typical thriller uses. Here are some of the shots from Dexter and Facade (our thriller) compared.....
close up of the hands in facade

Dexter Close up of hands ..very similar to ours.

Over the shoulder shot of Our main you can see its only the back of her head that is seen.
similar to facade only the back of his head is seen.  Over the shoulder shot.

Close up of the Eye In Facade, Able to see full detail.

Close up of the egg frying in Dexter, Similar to Facade full detail is seen.

This is the Title of our thriller and similar to Dexter its really clear and easy to read;
situated right in the middle.
Dexter title, very clear, easy to read similar to Facade. 

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