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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation : Question 4&5

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

(Discuss how the internet has been used to launch this movie to a wider audience, then explain how you have followed a similar model yourself)

Everyday on video sharing websites, tons of videos are posted up, users hoping that the amount of views and hits increase as time passes. Video sharing websites are an advantage for raising awareness. Especially if a video is uploaded onto youtube. Youtube is a popular way to advertise media - music videos and film trailers. For example when Rebecca Black posted up her music video of that song 'Friday' the amount of views shot up dramatically within a day, look at it a week after posting i saw the view rose to 35,000,000 views and news spread to social network sites like Facebook. Internet as evolved into a whole new level of communication and sharing.
As for film trailers, they are well advertised on Youtube to persuade a certain audience to go and watch the film at the cinema. 
As my video is only a short opening to a thriller movie, not supported by real production companies like Summit Entertainment, makes it a low budget video, it will be uploaded onto Vimeo and personal blogs, which could possibly make its way to social network sites like Facebook and tweeted about on twitter and eventually would be uploaded to Youtube. Sharing it on blogs and social networks may raise awareness and checked out on Youtube to increase its hits from there. 

^ This is just another user on Vimeo who posted up their very own opening sequence using our title Facade :)

A Media Student's thriller: Angeldust

This is also an opening sequence created by media students from Hurtwood House. I chose to upload 'Angel Dust' as some aspects of the film is similar to Facade. They both include cyber technology of social network sites. Facade being Facebook and Angel Dust being Facespace. At the moment, Angel
dust has been viewed 1,115 times with two likes and no dislikes on Youtube. This video does not have
many feedback, reviews or anything, as they are not exactly signed to a film production - its just another one of them short films made for the as media course.

This is a short film that entered many short film competitions so to an audience who has not seen it yet will think it is good due to it entering competitions and the amount of views it has. On youtube the video has been viewed 55,265 so far with 164 likes and 41 dislikes.
Comparing this our film Facade, i would say our thriller is supported by an independent low budget production company. It will be shown in a one time exhibition, projected onto the big screen. After that would most probably just stay on video sites like You tube and Vimeo. If it were to be released into marketing, only 100-200 copies will be produced and sold in low budget shops or home rentals - (not blockbuseter as they are too high up the marketing chain and our production company will not be able to afford the expense it takes to be sold to that kind of marketing) 

Cinemas at which my thriller could possibly be shown at:


cineworld cinema middlesbrough

Style of Marketing Campaigns

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