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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mise en Scene: Costume Intertextuality (Used)

My character is a teenage school girl, most probably in year 10 (as a majority of teenagers at that age can feel insecure about themselves - especially females) 
To give the audience a clear understanding of who I am playing, the mise en scene has to be clear. So for my costume, the character will be dressed in school uniform - to make the character very obvious in appearance.

My costume was partly inspired by the 'Gogo Yubari' scene in Kill Bill.
The school girl in this film is 18 years old, one of the body guards for the 'Big Boss'

She is neatly dressed and her hair is neatly straight -  kind of disturbing and odd to have down before a fight, her hair should be up or a bit messy.
The fringe makes her look much younger too - this also creating innocence upon the character.

The school uniform gives the girl innocence whereas this dramatically contrasts with the dangerous weapon she is holding which takes away her innocent instantly!!                                                                 
So in this image is me in my costume, all mostly inspired by Kill Bill. The straight neat hair with the fringe ;)
The uniform was the uniform I wore in high school, lucky that my uniform looked very traditional, having the skirt be checkered was a bonus!

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