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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Intertextuality is a term used to define the borrowing of aspects from films. Many films that seem to be original have borrowed alot from previous films. sections are taken out of different films and being put together. Some of the things that are borrowed could be camera angles, costumes (mise en scene), methods of editing and alot more.

The student film succubus borrrows alot of aspects from the famous shower scence in the film PSYCHO, this is intertextuality.
This is one of many ways in which intertextuality is used ....

This is a clip from the film psycho, the camera focuses on the water and it looks as if it has a strong effect. It focuses on the shower

Here is a clip from the student film succubus, as you can see intertextuality is used. the camera focuses on the the strength of the water and the shower.

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