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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The structure of opening sequences

Ive already posted something on title sequences, however i forgot to mention what you actually call them and some of the main things they contain.
Discrete Title Sequence:
A discrete title sequence contains features that are not linked to the film what so ever. Many of the shots are close ups of the lead character and the title sequence contains stylized editing. The soundtrack is the only sound you can hear and there are no digetic sounds included. This is why its discrete!.....Examples of this would be seven and the step father. 

A Narrative Opening with the Titles running throughout:
A narrative opening introduces to us the setting/location first as they feel this is the most important thing ....different to a discrete title which has nothing to do with the film ...the narrative title sequence has something to do with the film. Panic room is a great example of this as we are shown all the buildings and we get sense that its in the city. The opening sequence of  panic room is really interesting as the names of the cast, directors etc are all made to look as if its part of the building.

Titles over a blank screen:
In this kind of opening sequence no images are shown and the casts, producers, directors are shown over a blank screen. I don't think theres anything interesting about these kind of title sequences and the only thing so cool about them is probably how the letters of the title names have been placed and situated onto the title sequence. E.g. Dead Calm 

Stylized Editing:
Stylized editing is when there are mainly two different screens that allow viewers to the main character(s) in two different angles. Its somehow a narrative opening ....the titles are also shown

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