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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Introduction to camera

Before we were allowed to begin any kind of filming we were introduced to the camera that we'll be working with to produce our final piece and also the practice excercise we'll be doing. we were shown how to turn on and turn off the camera. However, there were a few basic rules that we had to follow ; such as :
  • Making sure the lense isnt covered whilst filming ; otherwise nothing will be seen
  • Not to expose the camera to water/rain
  • Make sure the battery and Memory cards are inserted correctly
  • When filming on the tripod make sure the camera is situated properly as it will fall off if it isnt
  • Make sure the legs of the tripod are stable and are done up well
  • Instead of using the zoom button that is on the camera ....we should use the handheld method to get a close up as the image will be less shakey
  • If there is a lot of dialogue going on then we should use the microphone that comes with the camera ; if there isnt much dialogue then we should just use the camera itself as there is a built in microphone

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