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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lurpak Sequence

In Class we watched a Lurpak advert which contained very interesting shots and angles in which it has been filmed in to make things look more dominant. Out of 10 I'd personally give this advert a 10 as everything happens to be so right! ....When it first begins the dim lighting adds a Gloomy & scary kind of sense to the atmosphere. The low angle, when the camera goes through a path between a jar (i think) and other things lined up in the kitchen is very effective. It makes the things in the kitchen look dominant and adds onto the dim lighting and the soundtrack playing. The soundtrack gives us a sense that the most greatest thing is being accomplished.
There are various amounts of close ups which allow us to see the detail on particular objects that play an important role in the Advert. When the camera zooms into the mans eyes whilst looking into fridge, this is a very effective close up as it shows how he's glooming into the fridge to decide on what he wants. The finger tapping close up adds onto the close up of his eye....this shows that he's impatient and cant decide on what to choose. The way in which the egg has been cracked into the bowl and splattered everywhere is very amusing and then its being battered and we're able to see this because of the extreme close up. The close up of the Lurpak butter allows the viewers to see what the whole advert is about. The use of slow motion throughout the advert gives a dramatic sense and allows the viewers to focus on the way that the omelet is being made. From the advert Ive learnt a lot about the use of close ups and slow motion & what effect it can have on the viewers. This inspires me to add some of these aspects into my groups thriller. 

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