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Friday, 21 January 2011

Rules for Equipment - Tripod

Tripods are another piece of equipment that the media department provide. These are useful for taking steady shots, they do a much better job of filming steadily than humans do (as they do not live), also if the camera was set to a slow shutter speed then the slightest movement can disturb an image – making it blurry. Using a tripod creates better framing and focus, especially when the zoom on the camera is being used.

There also happened to be rules for the tripod (YAY):
1.    To achieve a straight shot, the legs of the tripod must be fully extended, or if on an unlevel ground, use the spirit level attached onto the tripod to see whether it stands level or not.
-       Make sure the legs are locked into place to avoid the sudden unlevel-ness of the tripod. Unsecure legs could put both you and the camera at risk!
2.    Pick up your tripod if you want to move it.
-       DO NOT drag it! This will result to loose hinges! -__-
3.    Never leave it out in the rain unless it is protected with a waterproof cover or and umbrella. Rain can make the tripods rust (N)

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