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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Analysis Of Thriller Title Sequences

In class, we studied a variety of thriller films, focusing on their title sequences.The three main ways that a title sequence could look like is either a plain background, still image or moving images. It could be difficult to identify whether a film is a horror, romance, thriller etc only by just looking at a title sequence with a plain background. However the background isnt the main focus in title sequences that are set out like this. Its the way the lettering is placed, the fonts used and the colours that are used which allows it to look like the title sequence of a thriller film. An example of a thriller that is set out like this could be DEAD CALM.
 When its a still image then the audience have to interpret it in their own way. The moving image title sequences gives us a little hint of what the film will be about and who the main characters are.

Plain Background

Still Image

I analysed the title sequence of Marathon Man. The things that are included within the title sequence and their timings are:
  • Production company...0:06
  • Intro... 0:17
  • Producers... 0:21
  • Main Producer... 0:22
  • Acts... 0:47
  • Title of the film... 1:00
  • Co Starring ... 1:25
  • Music Composed/conducted by... 1:31
  • Edited by... 1:32
  • Production designer... 1:37
  • Associate Producer... 1:38
  • Director of Photography... 1:42

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