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Monday, 21 February 2011

Card Game Edit

After we had filmed all the clips for our card game scene ; the following lesson we had to edit it and put all the clips together. we thought we had enough shots however when it came to editing we had to take some of the shots out as they didn't fit in well, this left us with only a few shots. we re-used one main shot more than once.
                  in order to view all our shots we put it onto final cut pro, we were then able to select and delete shots that were unnecessary. we were also able to make shots shorter as most were too long. Final cut pro allows you to add effects and titles. we didn't have time to do this but we will be doing it for our final piece. 
By editing this short Card game sequence I was able to get used to using final cut pro and I can use this new skill to edit our final piece. 

<<<Clip used more than once 

<<< Final Cut Pro


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