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Monday, 21 February 2011

Font Analysis

In this lesson we focused on the different kind of fonts presented to us in film posters and Title sequences etc. we were told that the fonts we use must match the our film openings. For example if its a horror film then the font used will be all drippy and look like blood is dripping. the font has an affect on the audience ; as soon as they see it they'll know that its going to be scary!
Fonts can be split into Serif and Sans-serif

Fonts such as 'times new romans' are known as Serif fonts, they've got a 'tail' at the end. Serif fonts are said to be more formal than sans serif fonts and are more old fashioned.
Sans Serif fonts such as 'Verdana' are tail-less. Sans, which means without in French. Therefore these type of fonts are 'without-serifs'.

Sans serif  (verdana) & Serif (Times New Roman)

There were two different film posters that we looked at, these were of ROCKY and PEARL HARBOR.

This is a font called 'palatino' which is a serif font
; hence the tails at the bottom of the letters.The serif type of fonts are said to be
 old fashioned so this can hint to us that this film contains historical features e.g.
about war etc.

This is a font called 'franklin Gothic heavy' it suits
the title and colours used as a Rock is solid and black and white are both solid colours. Its a Sans serif font....many of these fonts are used for titles e.g. this one. this kind of font really stands out as it is just so BOLD!

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