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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Inspirations for our thriller - The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones.

After researching and discussing with my group about our thriller, we finally decided to go ahead with doing a psychological thriller of our own.
Planning this, i did some independent research on films that could inspire our thriller. I watched 'The Lovely Bones' a while back in the cinema and when we were discussing more in depth on how we should approach our thriller, 'The Lovely Bones' came to my mind, and it was something i just had to share out, it was a good start to our research. I showed my group clips from the film and they agreed to having an interpretation of the lighting, sound and mise en scene - like the scrapbook.

Susie Salmon's murderer kept a scrapbook containing images of her. In this image is a school photo of Susie - her being in her uniform shows the innocence she has. Next to the newspaper print image is a lock of Susie's hair secured onto the scrapbook with cellotape.
My group felt that the scrapbook was very creepy and disturbing to have, which led us to agreeing to have one in our thriller
His previous pages contained sketches of an underground passage (which he built to lower her in and kill her).
The sketch is very neat and well thought out which shows he is very experienced with these things - obvious he has made traps before.
These last three newspaper prints are, cut outs from the newspaper. They contain images and information about the murderer's next victim, Susie's younger sister.
The amount of information that is stored in this scrapbook is very creepy (just what we want!)
Our scrapbook probably wont contain newspaper images and information like the one from the film but it sure will have images of the girl that our 
'creepy' character will stalk. 

Our Interpretations.

This is our own interpretational photographs of the scrapbook containing images of our victim.
The scrapbook is mine - which i found at the back of my cupboard. As i do art, i bought this scrapbook for chalk drawing but i never got to draw on it. When we were looking for a scrapbook I knew this one would be perfect as it looks very personal and ancient, which creates a sense of mystery. Also the inside pages are black which adds to the dark secret - like feeling.
The following four images are the victim, these images came from my friends Facebook profile, she was kind enough and chilled to let me use her as the victim.
These images were just printed off in colour on normal A4 paper then cut down to size and stuck into the scrapbook.

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