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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Inspirations for our thriller - Orphan. (Mise en Scene)

Perfect! The Orphan is a very thrilling film. The actress is perfect for such a disturbingly creepy role. The mis en scene is also spot on! The neatly brushed brunette hair tied back into two separate bows and pale complexion of her face adds innocence into her look.

Orphan_movie_image_9.jpg (600×311)

Her outfit is very old fashion and formal, this also adds to her innocence. Her personality can easily be judged upon by the appearance, her whole look makes her seem well behaved and mannered. However knowing as the film is set in the presence, her look becomes quite freaky as its quite dated back to the 20th century and she would come across to people as weird.

In terms of mise en scene, Esther's look (the orphan) would be perfect for the character in our thriller as she too portrays an innocence surface but deep down is quite a troubled child (emotionally).

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