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Monday, 21 February 2011

Introduction to Editing

We first had the opportunity to edit together clips we filmed ourselves for our first practice film (which you can see here). This was quite exciting as it was some of the first practical work we did. For the editing we got to familiarize ourselves with Final Cut Pro, which is, for the most part, quite a daunting piece of software to first look at. However, I had no doubt that once I got to edit a few more times it would all come much easier.

In this instance we were taught the basics, such as how to import the clips we filmed into the program, by going to File then Import. Then we could review the imported clips in the browser, and, by dragging the desired clips to the timeline, shorten them to the required length. We can also position the different clips anywhere on the timeline by dragging the clips around. This was all easy enough to get the hang of, and once I learnt to use the razor blade tool to split a clip in two (allowing me to position another clip in between), we soon completed our first editing session!

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