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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

LiveType and Soundtrack Pro

When editing our second preliminary film – 'The Encounter' – we had the chance to try out some software used for post-production editing: LiveType and Soundtrack Pro. LiveType enables you to create interesting and customizable title sequences for your film, whilst Soundtrack Pro can be used to edit audio and compose your own music.

Once we had our preliminary film ready in Final Cut Pro, we had to export for either LiveType or Soundtrack Pro from the file menu in order to import the film into each program (after making sure we placed 'in and out' points where we wanted the text or sounds to appear). In LiveType, we went to file > 'place background movie' enabling us to see the film whilst positioning the titles and sounds accurately where we wanted. When we finished experimenting with sound effects in Soundtrack Pro (you can hear the result for the first half of The Encounter) we went to 'submix' and changed it to stereo. Then we went to file > export and chose the output as 'Selected tracks, Busses, and Submixes'.

Soundtrack Pro was fairly straight forward and quite fun to play around with, however, we found LiveType particularly tedious and complicated. Our efforts weren't very good to say the least, so we ended up creating a simple title within Final Cut Pro. All in all, I hope the practice we had here comes in useful for our final thriller opening.

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