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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Analysis of the Shining

What makes The shining a thriller film?
A few weeks back in class we watched the  film 'The Shining'.The shining contains many conventions of a thriller film e.g. the twins which create a sense of innocence which builds up to something completely different.

When the little boy is riding his tricycle through the corridors the sound that the floor boards make, adds tension to the film. we're not aware of when he's going to stop riding the tricycle and what he'll see on his way through empty corridors. all of a sudden he see's the twins which look innocent but then stand in his way and look sort of evil. The emptiness of the corridors creates a scary atmosphere as its only the little boy who's there.The camera follows (panning) the mum when she's trying to find a route to escape from the dad, this is very effective as he watches her through parts of the broken door.

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