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Friday, 4 March 2011

The Film Shoot: Day One

Today we had the first lesson for which to film in. We had problems getting access to a bedroom as we all either felt our bedrooms would be unsuitable or there would be issues with parents having us over. We decided on a room in the college located in the library. It is compact and we feel the small space would give a claustrophobic feel to the film, so we think if we could get that across it could be very effective. After Wednesday's lesson I booked the room for filming for 9am today.

Charlene was in charge of bringing the props needed, as obviously we would need to make the room look like a bedroom. She brought a couple of posters, a rug, and her old school uniform for her character's costume, but we still needed quite a bit more props. However, it was great to get a preliminary idea of what the setting will look like. Thus, we have agreed on Monday morning, 9am, to film as we all have the morning free of lessons. We spent the rest of the lesson designating props for each member of the group to bring, so hopefully we will get the bulk of the filming done then. Charlene also shared with the group some possible sources of inspiration for our thriller, such as an interesting scene in The Lovely Bones (2009) and an episode of US teen drama Gossip Girl. I contributed the idea of fading a photo from Facebook to the same photo in the scrap book (as seen in the digital storyboard which I took the shots for and put together), inspired by Psycho where there's a similar transition between the bathroom plughole and Marion's eye.

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