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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Cinema Audiences

As films come under several genres, the thriller genre has many sub genres, so it is good to consider which kind of audience(s) apply to each. In class we looked at some of the films relaeased in the UK and what their kind of audiences were.

In the UK  there were 31 suspense films relaeased and in total 503 films were relaeased last year.

Action, comedy, and animation films accounted for 52% of the total box office gross. why are these genres so popular?
I think these genres are very popular as they have a wide spread of target audiences. Everyone likes to have a laugh. Also both comedy and animation are two genres that would normally mix to make a sub genre. There are several films that come under the Comedy & Animation sub genre. E.g. Shrek, Madagascar, kungfu panda, Monsters inc. Animation films are suitable for all age groups, this is why animation films get alot of viewers.

Image by Nick Bor
Why is it that thrillers account for quite a low proportion of UK Box office takings (4% in 2009)?
I think that the thriller genre doesnt have a wide spread of audience in comparison to comedy and animation. Also the thriller certificates limits people to what they can watch. some thriller certificates ar 18 meaning only those who are 18 and over can see it at the cinema. wheras the Animation or Comedy genre will be PG or 12 rated. this makes it easier to get a wide range of audience.

As many thriller films have really shocking scenes with blood and gore. This could lead to nightmares or children trying out the scenes at home. Thriller films need a mature audience this why many have been rated 12, 15 or 18.


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