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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

'Watching' Documentry

As a class we watched a documentry which talked about film openings 'watching'. Thomas Sutcliffe said: "to seduce their audience into long term commitment. While there are many types of seduction, the temptation to go for instant arousal is almost irresistible" By this he mans that film directors shouldnt get the audience excited and hint things to them that wont happen later on in the film as this will just dissapoint the audience. Insted they should allow the film to build up and keep it interesting for the audience.

Jean Jaques Benix (director) thinks if 'instant arousal' is used this means that the director will have to think harder to create such an astonishing film. However by keeping the opening simple and letting it build up is better for directors and the audience as the audience will want to know what will happen next.

"good beginning must make the audience feel that it doesn't know nearly enough yet, and at the same time make sure that it doesn't know too little" - This means that too much information shouldnt be given away as the audience will feel like they've watched the complete film by just watching the opening. However too little information is bad as the audience wouldnt show any interest in the film. So its best if directors dont give away too much or too little ; Just keep it in between.

Critic Stanley Kauffmann described what was once called 'the classic opening' - 'a film began with an establishing shot of New York City ... then the camera went up a building ... then it went in the window, then it went past the receptionist desk to the private office and there sat Cary Grant' By this he means that the typical opening of a film will tell you a little about the setting, the characters and their occupation.

Kyle Coopers title sequence from the film se7en is known very well it is exciting and very effective as it wakes everyone up and you begin to think its part of the film because it tells the story bit by bit. Orson welles wanted his title sequence for 'A Touch of Evil to not have any titles. However there was a disagreement as Universal Studios wanted it to have titles etc. The reason he didnt want no titles is because he wanted to get straight to the plot and plunge his audience without any distractions.

A Favourite Trick of Film Noir' starts from the ending of the film and has flashbacks of the begining. I do think its a good techinque as the audience will want to know what had happened eearlier to lead to that particular scene.

The opening sequence of the The Shining is suspenseful as the car is being followed (panning) by a helicopter from above and it has a good focus on the car also the soundtrack playing helps to build up the tension. They also drive on the edge of the cliff which hints to us that something sangerous is going to happen.

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