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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Editing our thriller

Slightly running out of time to do more filming so we began editing what we've got.... you think you have enough shots until it gets down to editing and you realise that you haven't got much. This meant that we had to schedule another day to do more filming as in some of our shots the lighting was different and so they didn't match. Nick was getting on with most of the editing whilst me and Charlene were coming up with the kind of background music/sounds that we should put in to create the whole kind of Thriller atmosphere. we thought of having a heavy metal tune coming out of the headphones .....and we found an instrumental on YouTube called - something I can never have. As for copyright reasons we came up with an idea that Charlene will record herself playing the piano and instead we can use that as one of our sounds.
 Pictures of our editing ...

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