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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Filming day

 Day 1 of filming, we got everything ready...all set out ...Lamp, books, pencil case, pens, posters, our very interesting mood board and Charlene dressed herself up in her old school uniform. I really liked how we only had one light which was coming from the lamp and it was very dim and it created a 'Thriller'ish' kind of scene. Also our mood board tells a lot about the character. The room is quite small so it creates some kind of claustrophobic feel to the 'bedroom'.
Here are a few pictures of our First day filming our thriller....

A drawing by charlene who plays 'patrick jones' ..
.a bit blurry but its a drawing of a girls figure.
Tells us that the character is a bit of a freak.
Our really creative wall...full of posters
 and our GREAT moodboard.
Charlene playing around with the cameras a bit....
Trying to get the right shot.
Our Powerpoint presentation.....yes! we made it look
as if its really facebook.....really beleavable!
Close up of our mood board....Look at the detail!
Close up of Facebook conversation with 'Elizabeth Gomez'
Charlene righting on the scrapbook
and ACTION! ...Nick our camera man on the side filming.

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  1. LOOOL wala love your emphasis on how great our moodboard is :)

    with love, your filipina chicka :P x