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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Expirimental photography on Lighting.

On a wednesday's lesson we were meant to start filming our thrillers, due to being unprepared with no props or access to our chosen location (library G11) the filming could not be done. We made most of the time we had by collecting media filming books from the library and taking notes down on what would help us out in our thriller.
After coming across one book that gave us advice on lighting, me and Wala decided to take some images   experimenting with the lighting. 
We changes the flash settings to no flash not knowing that the slow shutter speed could capture my movement, this is how we ACCIDENTALLY achieved the 'two-faces'  - no editing was done to these photos.
Anyway back to the lighting...using the room with the professional lights hanging from the ceiling, I played around with the dimmer until the me and Wala agreed it was at a perfect brightness (or dimness shall i say). I positioned myself under the light so that it casted a shadow under my eyes, emphasising the eye bags and making my eyes look a tad less 'asian' - and more bigger :)
What i love about these shots is that the blurriness adds to the good effected, relating back to the title sequence of 'Seven' and it's blurry/ flashy cuts. My pupils were enlarged due to the slow shutter speed being sensitive to movement and so my eyes are completely black (creepiness has been achieved, YAY!)

I love this accidental shot, thats how you know the unplanned turns 
out to be the best!
I like how the second face is very faint, but you can almost feel its presence! 

This would have to be my ultimate fav! The movement is not too 
obvious but it still creates that blurriness, the eyes just creep me out (Y) 
and my freakish smile just completes it :')

In this image, i like how the light shining down on my head 
is reflected off, creating this really bright patch on my hair, this is the brightest part to the photograph and it could actually symbolise a halo on my head (for innocence)

Wala did an EXCELLENT job of photographing me.
(Meanwhile Nick dear was reading more books about filming - he is our main camera man, needing all the tips he can get)

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