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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Film Shoot: Day Three

Today we further filmed some of the shots from our storyboard in our afternoon lesson, including the beginning where our character enters the dark room and various parts of the online conversation. It went very well and I'm feeling a lot more confident with the camera in comparison to the first preliminary film we shot. All our props have been stored in our teacher's office since Monday for easy access. Here is our planned production schedule for the remainder of this week and next week:

Thursday 17 March:
Rough cut editing at lunchtime and carried over afterwards as Charlene and Wala have no second session lessons (and I may be available too if I can be excused from tutorial).

Friday 18 March:
Filming during lesson? Rough cut deadline!

Monday 21 March - Tuesday 22 March: 
Lunchtime - editing (+ re-shoots if needed)

Wednesday 23 March: 
During lesson - editing 

Thursday 24 March:
Lunchtime - editing

Friday 25 March:
During lesson and onwards until 3pm deadline - any last minute editing if needed

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