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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Roughcut Feedback/Changes

As a group we somehow share the same thoughts and ideas so we dont realise it when we've got unnecessary bits in our film. After finishing our rough cut we got our teacher Bernard to look over it and give us some advise....It turned out that we had sooooo many unnecessary shots. when we cut it down we only had like 1min of filming done ; which was way too short...this meant that we had to do more filming and get some INTERESTING shots in there. Also the paste of our film was kind of slow so we had to get it more sharp and we shouldn't allow the audience to spend hours staring at one shot .... It should be quick and sharp shots. Especially when we're zooming into each image on the mood board, Bernard advised us to make this a quick movement from one picture to the other.
      We thought of having a pitch black dark scene and the only source of light was the computer screen, It only enabled us to see Charlene's head from the back. Bernard told us that this part wasn't needed and so we decided to take it out. We replaced it with Charlene's hand on the lamp and then she switches it on and we see LIGHT! Some the things weren't clear enough for the audience to see whats happening ....such as the Facebook conversation. We were told to make it clear we're currently working on this .

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