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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Favourite Shot Types

In our media lessons we're always being told that the type of shot we use is what has an impact on the audience ....we have taken this into account and will be using some interesting shots to film our thriller

Close Ups
A close up shows really close detail of the person/object. If there was a close up of a person and it was just of their eyes we can somehow see through them. Close ups allow us to feel what the character is feeling or to sense whats going through their mind. They're also really good to build up tension.

Panning is when the camera follows the person in the scene. Its a great way of building tension as it feels like your also taking each step they take. It also feels like your waiting to see or meet someone/something scary or surprising.

Extreme Long Shot                                                                  
Extreme long shots are really effective as you dont know the person or the object thats in the distance and all you can see is just a shape. Theres also a really wide space and you dont know whos goin to pop out from the sides!

Low Angles
Low angles allow the person in the shot to look superior....they work really well when your trying to make someone look strong and more of a 'Boss', Kind of MUCHO!

Over The Shoulder Shot
I really like over the shoulder shots as you can see the facial expression of one person but you can only see the back of the other persons head. So you're just wondering what the other person is thinking by interpreting the facial expression on the person you can see's face.

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