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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thriller Opening: The Title

Last week myself and Charlene briefly brainstormed film title ideas as we had not thought of any yet. Eventually we ended up looking at synonyms for different words that we felt conveyed the context and feel of our film. Facade (or Façade) is one we were quite enthusiastic about and at this point seems most likely to be title, but we will have to discuss it tomorrow. However, this has already spawned some inspiration in my mind. I think it would be really interesting if we started the film with a definition of 'façade' – set against a black background and in a white serif font – like so:

I believe it would make the audience unsettled at what's to come as the definition is suggestive and will hopefully get the viewer's imagination going. 'Façade' could be repeated at the end in bigger lettering to make it clear that this is the film title (we will see how it looks tomorrow). It also goes very well with what is happening in our film opening, that is, our main character is impersonating someone of the opposite gender online.

Below is a font I picked out that I think would be great to use, but really, I think any serif font would look great. Or we could always opt for a more modern approach as digital technology plays a key role in our opening. Again, this has to be discussed tomorrow and ideally should have already been decided upon but there you go.

AB Majik by Amit Botre

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