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Thursday, 24 March 2011

sound track pro

Along with the editing process ....there's another programme which allows you to add sound to your film. Sound is one of the most important things in a film, I feel as if it brings everything together as by using one sound you can elaborate on whats happening. E.g when theres an explosion taking place the audience wouldn't know this unless the sound is there for them to hear. To import your film onto soundtrack pro you just drag it and place it to the left hand side of the browser. Once its there you're able to play around with all the different kinds of sounds they have. sound track pro has a search that enables you to type in the kind of sound track your looking for ...E.g Animal sounds. Sometimes the sound are a little bit too loud and sound unrealistic you're able to lower the sound level of each track....there should be a button at the bottom of the screen for this. when you're happy with everything and you've selected all the sound you go to sub mix and select stereo so you wont have a lot of different tracks. Then just go to file export----name and save......and thats just highlights on how to use sound track pro.

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