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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation- Question 2- how does your media product represent partictular social groups?

Our Antagonist is a Female, this is unconventional as in many films the antagonist is a male, such as the stepfather. Our stalker isnt a male, we chose to twist up our story line a little as we wanted to give the audience a little bit of a shock to who the antagonist really is.In many of the conventional films women aren't presented as fighters or stalkers, Mainly housewives or if anything, working women.Our film is Simillar to the Film 'Obsessed' as The female is the stalker/fighter.The females in both Facade and obsessed do not follow the stereotypical way that females are presented to us in many films.Our character is a messed up schoolgirl who's quite insecure and the images on her wall present this. She could also be said to be the 'normal' teenager as of the books and pens on the table, that show she's keeping up with her studies. Also the social networking website that shes using to get in contact with the victim is very common between the teenaagers of today.The second Character Elizabeth Gomez is shown to us only through her profile picture and shes unaware of who she's talking making her look Gullible as she's talking to someone shes never met on the internet and falls into believing their 'real identity'.

Film Obsessed....female isn't so conventional

Facade...Female isn't so conventional

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