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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Evaluation- Questions 4&5 What kind of media institution will distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

The media institutions that will distribute my media product will mainly Be websites such as, Vimeo, Youtube, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and other social networking websites. As Our film is based on a social networking website (Facebook), Where two strangers meet, It'll be suitable to distribute it on a social networking site such as Facebook or twitter as we'll get alot of viewers by doing so. We can also embed our short film onto Vimeo & YouTube as many independent films gain their views through this.

Embed film onto YouTube

Embed Our film onto Vimeo


Upload onto Twitter, Facebook, Flickr

I found this short student film on YouTube and it has 4,792 Views, Perhaps they achieved all their views by broadcasting it on YouTube. YouTube is a great place to broadcast as you never know  who'll watch your film, Whereas if you upload it on Facebook then it can only get as far as your friends, unless you tell them to upload it on theres then they can tell friends. So, The Best ways to distribute our media product will Most likely be Facebook and YouTube.

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