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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation : Question 1

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
(Compare 9 shots from the title sequence for a Thriller opening, with 9 shots from your own title sequence to show how your opening uses, develops or challenges the forms and conventions of real media products)

This question is quite tricky to answer, due to our thriller being only 1:25 seconds long, it is difficult to compare 9 shots with an original thriller title sequence. So as I answer this question the shots from 'Facade' that I will be comparing will not exactly be as similar as the Thriller i will be comparing it too - which is the 2009 film, 'The Stepfather.' 

Here i am just showing the shot containing the state of production 
and distribution companies. Both similar in its presentation - text (red) over a black background.

These second shot I am comparing is are similar in a way they've been filmed. The shot used in both of these screen grabs is 'Cut In' where part of the subject is framed and filmed in detail. These cut in shots show clearly what the characters are doing, in the Stepfather, Dylan Walsh is squeezing hair dye onto his hand whereas in Facade, I am turning on the lampshade. The eyes of the audience are brought onto the hands and the small area around it in which the camera frames. The audience then understands what is happening in these shots.

The shot type in these two screen grabs would slightly be a cross between 'over the shoulder' and ' mid shots.' I say "slightly" because the camera does not actually film from 'over' the shoulder but more to the side. They would also be a mid shot as the camera captures quite a lot in a frame (but not the whole setting) also in Facade most of my body is in it so it would be considered more of a mid shot than an over the shoulder.
I know it seems I have used the same shot again in The Stepfather but technically it's not EXACTLY the same. SO. Here both screen grabs are a close up shot type, both including two hands in action. Also in the opening credits both present in the right hand corner are the main stars names. Dylan Walsh for The Stepfather and Charlene Gomez for Facade.

I would consider these shots to be between an extreme close up and a close up. Maybe The Stepfather would be an extreme close up as the camera focus' in on a few fingers and a chin, we cannot see much but we can just about get what is going on. Whereas for Facade it would be a close up, but we can argue that it is an ECU shot as the camera literally zoomed all the way into the computer screen when we were filming. However quite a lot is revealed as we see 3 messages in just this shot.
Maybe this shot below in Facade would be considered more of an ECU:

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