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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thriller Opening: Editing

Since my last blog post we've been very busy with editing. On Thursday last week I spent the majority of the afternoon editing the shots we had for the rough cut that was due the next day. Charlene accompanied me and helped whilst she worked on the scrapbook prop that we wanted to incorporate. The next day's lesson was spent editing further. We planned to film the remainder of the shots we wanted on Monday but this fell through and I ended up being the only one that turned up. Yesterday's lesson was spent trying to finalize the shots we do have into a decent opening, as well as making sure all the keyboard tapping sounds were in sync and such as the Facebook chat scene now plays a major role in the opening (as we do not have the scrapbook scene filmed and Charlene was absent yet again). We also quite majorly cut down a lot of our shots to make our opening significantly shorter but in thus doing so making it move along faster. Tomorrow we shall work on the titles and sound to complete the final editing.

Myself editing in yesterday's lesson, taken by Wala

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