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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Preliminary Film- Evaluation

During our preliminary film exercise we had to show understanding of 3 main things which were:
1. Match Cut
2. Shot/reverse shot
3. 180 degree rule
This was our match cut shot in our preliminary film
A match cut is a cut when two different shots match graphically.....our example of Nick near the door then holding the door handle. These two shots match as they both have nick in them and also the door. Match cuts create tension as it focuses on one aspect/object.
Example of a shot/reverse shot
In our preliminary film we didn't manage to get a shot/reverse shot as we completely forgot about it. A shot/reverse shot is one which the camera focuses on one person and your only able to see the back of the other persons head. It makes it look as if the two are having a conversation. 

Example of 180 degree rule
The 180 degree rule is a simple and crucial part of film making. The two people who are in the same scene should have the same amount of positioning left/right. There should be an imaginary line which connects the two people. If the line is crossed then viewers will be confused as it will look as if the people in the scene have swapped positions. In our filming exercise we didn't stick to the 180 degree rule and broke it ....that was a second downfall for us. 

From the preliminary exercise, I learnt quite a lot as I wasn't aware of match cut, Shot/reverse or 180 degree rule. Will have to keep this in mind and maybe use it in our final piece. 

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