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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Live type

we were first introduced to live type when we did our 1st preliminary film. However, I still wasn't sure on how to use it properly so the media technicians came in a second time to explain to us how to use it step by step. to import your film from final cut pro onto live type you'll have to click on 'save for live type' and once you've saved it you can just click on the live type icon and get on with the editing. Live type is a programme on the apple macs that allows you to add text, effects etc to your film. Its a very important programme, one which we had to proper understand how to use as without any knowledge on how to use it we cant successfully complete our thriller. Live type is a really great programme that takes alot of time to get used to. It allows you to add all sorts of funky texts to match whatever genre film your doing. For example you may want one letter to be bigger than the rest of the lettering to do this you'll have to select it and it will enlarge. you're able to select either live fonts (fonts that live type have created) or fonts (which are the normal fonts we use on Microsoft word or anywhere. Live type also lets you add many effects and transitions.

Example of somethings we did on live type for our 2nd preliminary film. Its not the best as we were running out of time ...but here it is anyways ....
Name of our preliminary film 

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